No podcasts fo’ you’

This week has felt like it had already 8 days and is not even past today’s (Friday) midday. Working from home is one thing, but working from home, with the 2 girls and a busy workload with little fires everywhere to put out, it’s another thing entirely.

This means, I haven’t been able to catch-up with my favorite podcasts, or listen to music. I mean, I play music, in the background, when I can, but I’m not listening. It is all, again, putting fires out and being a dad, or at least trying, el-oh-el!

I am spent, more mentally than physically. I have lost my coolness a bit and get irritated easily.

The only fun activity I have been able to kind of squeeze in is playing Samurai Warriors 5 on the Switch. It actually helps that it is pretty much a jack and slash game and pretty mindless.

Need a break, and a beer.

Gabz @Gabz