Games I have been playing.

I have been playing a few games this week, or so. On the Nintendo Switch, mostly.

Fire Emblem Warriors

This is a Dynasty Warriors type game, you and your allies against thousands! Featuring all the key characters in the Fire Emblem franchise. Lots of fun with this game, I even got some DLC’s to have extra character. Although I am playing other things, I don’t think I am fully done with this game yet.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Sometime last year, I played Ys Origin and loved that game!! It was so much fun and when Y’s IX was announced, of course I was looking forward to it. I played the Demo that is available in the Nintendo Store, it looked and played like a dungeon crawler action RPG — sold. I preordered the game, and although I am having fun with the fights and the game looks great, it is feeling a little bit like a sloth. I spend too much time reading and less action. The story is intriguing but not as fun — so far— and as good as Y’s Origins was.

Ruvato : Original Complex

Something about this game just called me.

Stolen Girl, Hidden Truth Play a high-speed, hack and slash, action game on the Nintendo Switch

Well, it was the hack and slash part what got me. Also, it looks great, the art and such, the environments can seem boring and somewhat repetitive, but the story is pretty good so far, and it was only 15 USD.

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate

I hadn’t played the Switch version of this game ever before. Last time I played a Smash game was on the GameCube, back when I used to work at GameStop, and that was circa 2007-08. The only reason I decided to check it out was because of its latest DLC/Challenger Pack — Kazuya. I technically don’t even own the game, it’s my bother in-law’s and yet, a purchased the pack. I suck at this game, I don’t understand it, and curse anybody who says this is a fighting game.

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