It was totally illegal

As part of our COVID protocols on social distancing here at work, it is limited to the parts of the building we can access depending on which are you work. With that, comes which restrooms you are allowed to use or when a group of people have access to the break room, etc.

There is a set of bathrooms in the main building closest to our office trailer. Because of these protocols, even though these are the closest bathrooms, my team and me, are not allowed to use these. Only the production team can use them, we got to use the ones by the break-room. It is a walk, not too bad, but they aren’t the closest to get to. Something I really don’t mind most of the time because it gives me a chance to walk around, see people and whatnot. However, there are times like today’s, which having the restrooms being a little far, might be an inconvenience.

Today, it’s hot, like extremely hot, so I have been drinking lots of water and thus making trips to the restrooms very often. I’m on a training call, and of course, I needed to dispense. I thought I could hold through the call and be fine.


It was a do-or-die situation at this point, so I said FUCK IT. I put my headset down and ran to the restrooms I am not supposed to use.

Hopefully nobody noticed and if anybody did, I am so ever sorry.


Gabz @Gabz