Remember Hey mail? The fancy “new-kid-on-the-block” email service thing?

Anyway, I signed up for it, I think back in March. Regardless of the controversy with the makers of the service, I had decided to stick with it. The main reason is that it made email fun for me in some ways. It made it easier to manage. I have access to my “imbox” on all my devices, including my work computer. I don’t have Gmail, and for whatever reason, I can’t log in to iCloud from my work computer; thus, having access to my email from anywhere at all times it’s nice.

It has been about four months now, and the honeymoon period has fizzled. I still use it, still enjoy doing email from it but, there’s this thing on the back of my head that I can’t shake off. Will this service last forever? Am I putting too many eggs in this basket? Shall I dip out now whilst there’s still time and stick with iCloud?

I mean, getting a ninety-nine dollars refund would be nice.

Gabz @Gabz