Don’t read the reviews!


With this, I have played all three games included in the NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection on the Nintendo Switch.

Now, how was my overall experience with all three games? I can say that, I had a great time!

When I first talked about starting this collection, I had mentioned that I watched one or two YouTube videos to see if it was worth my time getting this collection. What I was looking for specifically was if they had anything to say about the game’s difficulty. My past experience with these games is that they are pretty difficult. It turns out that the added a new Hero difficulty that, as I had mentioned before, makes the game much more approachable. At this point in my life I am not up for challenges, I just want to enjoy the game in my own way, and it makes me happy to see the toned down difficulties for players like me.

Having finished NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2, I was browsing the YouTubes there and came across this video, Before you buy. And boy was that a mistake.

Usually, when I look for a YouTube video on a specific game, usually is to find out specific things, usually gameplay, I don’t necessarily carafe for the YouTuber’s opinion much. And even if they have a bad opinion, I don't affect me much — most of the time. However, every once in a while, it might.

Specifically with these games, I believe that the general consensus is that, the first Ninja Gaiden is a cult classic, the second one is good, and the third is the weakest one. Kind of like with the Blade movies. Or according to this video review mediocre at best. Furthermore, it seems like in this collection, we got the “lesser versions”. These games have been redone a few times for different reasons, and the reason they didn’t remaster the “Original” and apparently “the good versions” is because the lost the original code for them.


I hated myself after watching this video. Why? Because then I had some influenced misconceptions about the game. I started approaching the game in a critical way. I am not a critical person when it comes to games, movies, etc. I just enjoy stuff but yeah, every once in a while my opinions can be influenced — a little —, it happens. This is why I try my best to not read reviews, I try to judge for myself. Because of this, I tend to be a fan or enjoy games and movies most people would probably hate.

That being said, here’s what I think of these games.

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA: A cult classic! It is a fantastic game, and you are into puzzles, this is the game for you.

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2: It’s good, not many puzzles and less exploration, but still a lot of fun.

NINJA GAIDEN 3: RAZOR’S EDGE: Slicing and dicing! Hack and slash, whichever way you might call it. Much more linear story, no puzzles whatsoever and lots of blood. My kind of game. I had a fucking blast with this game, I might even replay it, it's an action adventure joy of a game.

The first one, won't probably play it for another few years, played it, beat it, done. The second and third game, they might have much more replay-ability value — for me.

Gabz @Gabz