Something I liked, Vol 32

Note: I used to call these posts Something I liked this week vol X, but I am switching to just Something I liked, no weekly.

The GuliKit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter

It is quite frustrating that, currently, the Nintendo Switch does not have built-in Bluetooth. Thus, having to use regular headphones if I wanted to play on the couch while my wife and/or the kids were using the television. The only regular “headphones” I currently have access to is my gaming headset. It worked fine but for whatever reason it would stop sending audio every once in a while, it was bulky and needed constant charging and so on.

So, I looked into this adapter by GuliKit, not expensive, and it looked like it would do the job. There is nothing super special about it other than it would give the ability to pair my AirPods Pro to it or whatever Bluetooth enabled headset or headphones.

Paring the AirPods Pro was pretty easy, and they paired with noise cancellation on by default. The only problem I encountered was that, then, I had to repair the Pro’s to my phone every time I wanted to use them. Weird right?

I felt it would be better not to spend too much time troubleshooting this, so I removed any pairing records from the adapter, repaired my AirPods Pro back to the iPhone and thus to any other Macintosh device I own. Then I went ahead and paired my Power Beats Pro to the adapter. Now I have a dedicated set for just the switch, and it is working just fine.

Gabz @Gabz