Thirty-eight years of shenanigans

Today’s Annie’s birthday 🥳, I won’t tell her age though 😜. It was a good day, ish. We went out for donas 🍩

photo by Annie

Later in the afternoon, we went to see dinosaurs, dinosaurs !!! I don’t have pictures because it was a drive through “expedition” and my phone was running the YouTube video describing the tour. Also, Luna, missed about 60% of the tour because she was scared 😅


Then took Annie to one of her favourite stores, Ulta, and the Coop, for some birras 😉.

Now we close the day with some Vietnamese food. Brought to us by Grubhub 😅. No pictures, though. I messed up the address, and we had to go down two houses to get our food, and we devoured it.

And drinking, probably one of the best beers ever.

Hop Lion by Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery

Style: IPA — American

ABV: 6.7

Rating: A+

Also, according to Marley, we are not old because we are not wrinkly 😂

Gabz @Gabz