We went to Cuba, ish and fun

This week, it’s Annie’s birthday, in fact, tomorrow May 21st. We both have today and tomorrow off and trying to do fun things. It just for her, also for the kiddos. This week was also Marley’s pre-school graduation.

As part of the many activities, Marley had a school event were they gathered at a local playground to have a last play together with her class and teachers.

Marley and Luna had a blast.

After an hour or so of playing it was time to wash the car. Believe it not, both Luna and Marley enjoy this 😅. Marley wanted to go to “the car wash with the beautiful colors”, she’s talking about al the soaps. And so we went.

Then we had lunch, a small nap then we took Annie to a local brewery, Western Collective, where she was meeting with 3 of her friends as part of her birthday shenanigans.

Once she was done with that, the girls and I picked her up and went out for supper. And we went to Annie’s — and also mine — favorite restaurant in town. To which we haven’t been in over a year, perhaps two — Casa Blanca. It is a Cuban restaurant, and Cuban cuisine is very similar to Puerto Rican cuisine, so we love this place. Luna has never been here before and Marley was probably too little to remember. It’s so good!

Masitas de puerco fritas con maduros y moros con cristianos

bistec palomilla encebollado, yuca y moros con cristianos


Lots of food, fun and….

I may have gotten a thing. 😎

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