Managing Bookmarks and Read Later

One thing that I have always struggled with, and I am pretty sure I am not alone here, is managing my “Read-later” and Bookmarks. Lately, I have tried apps like Goodlinks,, and even’s built-in Bookmarks.

I love GoodLinks, it is a nice-looking app and very easy to use, and it was a pink icon. My problem is, it is iOS only, and most of my browsing happens on my work computer. is great and I can use their Chrome extension to easily add links and such. But the app itself it’s meh! I rarely find myself opening it to read anything later or reference something, I don’t know why.’s Bookmarks, well, I only use it within Mb, I add things as I browse my timeline for later read, it works great in that regard but I never att things from outside of Mb.

All that being said, in the past the one app that had always worked for me and that I actually would open every now and then, had been Instapaper. Not sure if it’s because it was the best option at the time and it’s like muscle memory to have it and use it. Or if it’s its design and the simplicity I find in it.

Either way, I will experiment with the app again, yes the app is also iOS/macOS/iPadOS only but they have a nice website that just like Feedbin’s, it is a delight to use, I think.

Gabz @Gabz