Ghosts of administration past

I live in Idaho, Boise-fucking-Idaho, and not necessarily by choice, just the way things played out. Nor was I aware of its political tendencies and stands.

2020, was a very tense year, politically, as we all know. It was a hard year for me, I mean, seeing big trucks with both the US flag and the TRUMP one, or the TRUMP one alongside the confederate flag. Both the Trump and confederate flags made me very uncomfortable, anxious and scared, for obvious reasons.

After the elections, tensions were not quite as much. I started to feel hopeful and in some ways, safer. After that, you’d still see the same trucks but just waving the US flag, cool.

Until, the past few days. I have been seeing trucks with the US flag and one that says, “Trump 2024”. Every time I see them, all those feelings, anxiety, and fear from the pre-election day, pour in.

I dislike my state…

Gabz @Gabz