My problem

When it comes to my unprofessional personal blog, my problem is not what to use it for or what to write about. I write about anything and everything. I would never run out of things to say, believe me. If anything, it’s been whether the content be appropriate for all audiences or not, yes a self-censure me a lot, and you’re welcome!!

Having thoughts and senseless things to say are not my problem, my problem is how my site is themed 😅

I am the worst, the absolute worst when it comes to this. I think the longest I have ever gone without making changes to my website or changing the theme in general has been two weeks. At first, I was okay with it because it gave me a chance to poke around, explore, and practice the little CSS I know now. Again, it was fun, but sometimes, I think is better when you know shit. When you don’t have many options to pick from or there’s little to tinker around with.

About two years ago, I posted;

Some functionalities can always be added if desired but is not as easy as turning a switch on and off kind of thing. It involves some programming-CSS-coding-witchcraft that I somewhat understand but don’t know much about. It’s like if I wanted my site to behave and feel the way I would like, I need to be some quasi-programmer-wizard of sorts. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, now you’ve got pagination good Sir!

Not a Wizard.

Making me realize how much I have learned since then, in my not humble opinion. I don’t consider myself a wizard but at least and apprentice. Every so often I’d activate a theme and see how much I can change of it, how far can I take it. @Manton gave us a way to play with themes without affecting the active one, but I rather just play with the “production version” a supposed to the “developer/test version” 😉

And thus, I am not sure what will end up being my default, if ever. Those of you who have found your setup and are happy with it, you all have my admirations.

I usually default to the same two, Marfa or Kiko, to me, they are the most functional for my needs and lately Arabica. In fact, I had stopped using Arabica because it had a few things here and there that I didn’t like how they behaved. Until recently that I tried to see how far I could change around until I’d satisfied with and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo


Gabz @Gabz