No longer safe?

I’m the mists of the pandemic, and once local restaurants started opening again for dine-in, we would every once in a while go to our local food and beer dispensary (as I call it). They would be following all the social distancing guidelines and practices. The place felt safe to go, employees would be wearing masks at all times and again, following protocol.

I am not sure what changed but the last time we went, employees weren’t required to wear masks anymore. It felt weird, it felt like they aren’t caring anymore, as if we were back to normal. Yes, cases here in Boise are coming down and more and more people are getting vaccinated. Yet, I don’t think we are quite there yet. Or maybe is me being too paranoid still?

Whether we are being paranoid or not, we no longer feel safe going there. Which it’s sad because it’s a nice local place and very convenient for us since it’s about 2 minutes drive.

Gabz @Gabz