A somewhat dead Macintosh

A while ago, I wanted to say like somewhere in the past two months, I bore — again — our beloved 13” Macintosh Pro portable computer. The long and the short of it, we were having storage issues, due to multiple volumes, I had decided to wipe the thing and wiped so good that then I had no drive whatsoever to re-install the OS. Which prompted an appointment at my local Apple Store for them to resolve the issue for me.

Now, after the fix, we hadn’t really used the device that much, mostly reinstalling things, applications and such. Then one day, Annie tells me about some error that the battery was need of service. Well, we have a dead Mac, in a sense. The thing needs to be plugged to the power at all times, or it will shut off. Charging never goes higher than 1%.

Yesterday I had a chat with Apple Support, basically I wanted to know the const of a battery replacement. Keep in mind, this Macintosh, is out off warranty and its Apple Care Plus coverage has also expired. I found the battery online for about a hundred dollars, and with all the tools need it to do it myself, which I prefer not 😅

After a chat with the Apple agent, he advised to take the computer in for diagnostic. I had, as a matter of conversation, mentioned that I had taken the device in for service not long ago. He said it was a good thing I had mentioned that because of a “repeat repair option”, it’s like a 90-day warranty, that in the event I encounter an issue after my Mac had been serviced within those 90-days, the next service will be covered.

I don’t know exactly how these things works honestly, last time my Mac was serviced, it was for a different issue so, who knows. The truth is I am not expecting a miracle here, the battery somehow, got busted, and now I am going to have to pay to repair it.

Gabz @Gabz