Another ducking task manager post.

If you have read many of these already, skip this one. 😅

In the past few months, right by the end of 2020, things have gotten a little overwhelming at work. Bringing a lot of stress, things not being as organized, many little tasks within projects falling through the cracks. Because of it, I had realized that I needed to fix my system. I don’t want things to fall though, I don’t want to rely on my mental notes, “Oh I’ll remember that later” or “I will make a note of it later”. I am very forgetful, and more so now that I’ve got lots on my plate.

So down the rabbit hole I go again. The First two options, and the obvious ones given my situation, were TickTick and Todoist. Why those two? Well, they work on Windows, sadly that’s the system I have to work with at work. Another benefits? It is quick and easy to enter tasks, Ctrl + Shift + A (for TickTick), and no matter where I am, it will open a quick entry window. Ctrl + alt + A (for Todoist), it will open the app along with an entry window. Both have natural language parser, so I can just type away or copy and paste from an email or meeting notes. Sounds about as perfect of a system as it can get. Doesn’t it?

A few days ago, in a super secret Discord channel, I posed a question.

What is the best to-do app?

Someone, in all his wisdom, replayed;

The one that you will actually use!

— Jason B.

Hm, there is something about that. Although both TickTick and Todoist are excellent apps for what they are meant to do, there is always a something that I don’t find myself wanting to spend time in them or pay attention and use them. Last time I looked at TickTick and did anything in there was early February. I have just re-installed Todoist a few days ago and its already been ignored.

The one app that makes me want to really use it and that better clicks for me, besides Reminders, is Things 3. Just like, Reminders, it is an application that I have in every Macintosh device I own or have access to. Unlike other task managing apps, Things’s interface does not give me anxiety, it is clean a nice to use. One downside would be, no Windows application which makes quick capture a little tricky.

So, I have been using Things 3 for the past few days, and I am happy with the setup, I have been actively using it and putting things in there — organizing my life better. As far as entering things, well, I have my Macintosh cellular device and I am bringing my Macintosh tablet with me and I have it set up at my desk and a good old-fashioned notebook — and a pen.

Gabz @Gabz