Sometime last month I had posted about maybe using my account to showcase my pictures.

Since I have gotten rid of my Instagram account, I have been using Flickr again to share and store my photos, but I’d also like a dedicated website that I manage. Maybe I should use my Blot account for this.

Well, today, I did a thing and deleted everything from my Blot folder and uploaded some pictures. Adding pictures is pretty easy from my mobile Macintosh device or tablet using the Dropbox app. I haven’t setup tags dates or anything I just throw things in there and done.

Let’s see how this goes. I am sure I will hit a wall at some point, a storage wall.

I also don’t have a custom domain for it, not sure whether I would set up one yet since this is just at the experimental stage. But if you want to go check it out, yeah, Instagabz is zee spot.

Gabz @Gabz