The Shinning

I was listening to the Don’t Be Crazy pod show, as one does and in the latest episode they are talking about the motion picture show, The Shinning (1980). I know this movie it’s seen with big regards by many, and it is amazing and for some, maybe even creepy and flat out scary.

I honestly can’t remember exactly when and where I had watched this picture show, It had to be in my teens, probably. Not at the cinema for sure. In fact, I can’t even say with a hundred percent certainty that I watched the whole thing on one sitting. Perhaps I watched pieces of it here and there.

What I do remember though, is that I didn’t want to watch it ever again. I saw something, or felt something that all I can remember is the feeling of creepiness or terror and thus, the feeling of not wanting to revisit it.

That being said, after listening to this fabulous pod show, I think I want to revisit it. I want to experience it again and see if these “stay away from this film” feelings are well funded it or just pure rubbish. And perhaps also watch Dr. Sleep (2019) right after.

Might as well right!

I will report back. Stay tuned!

Gabz @Gabz