🔗 Getting back on track

Two years ago, I posted about getting back on track.

Too many things in life, poor excuses and bad habits are the culprits of my current state. I think it’s time to change that!

A workout routine, I need to get serious about it, close those rings, be consistent and no excuses.

Two years later, I am having the same thought. I have fallen off the tracks. Part of me blames the pandemic. Even after gyms opened I was still, or am, hesitant to go back to it. Yes, we have a “vaccine”, yes cases may be going down a little, but I am way more conscious — and/or scared — about been out in somewhat crowded places. I know I will be careful, I know I will look after myself and others. But what about the other people?

I have tried numerous times to get into the healthy-active-lifestyle again and again the past few months and I keep failing at it. The motivation isn’t quite there, I may not have the tools or equipment I would like to have at home. I can make up thousands of excuses.

I would love to get back to an actual gym, where I have all the equipment accessible and have options. But, COVID is still out there and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Apple fitness plus is cool, I enjoy it — I think. And still, sometimes I am like 10 minutes into it, and I’m already thinking, “I can’t wait for this to be over”. I think I miss having a room to play with my kettlebell, then do some rows and maybe so machine workouts.

I mean, I could just get by with my kettlebell, but I hate swinging that thing inside the house, and it is too cold outside still for outdoor workouts 😅

Maybe as two years ago today, I should just do something and go from there.

Gabz @Gabz