Day 14: Compassion

I was having a hard time thinking about this challenge and what to post for whatever reason. The first that kept coming back to my mind was some postal cards we got from the hospital staff al back in 2014.

Back in 2013, we had news that we were expecting our first, a baby boy, Alexander Gabriel Santiago. Things are a little blurry now, but I remember January 1st of 2014, we went to see The Hobbit, things went not good that night, and on January second of 2014, Alex was born, at 21 weeks of age, and sadly, he did not make it.

Today’s photo challenge, Compassion, made me thinking of these events. We have a box, where we keep anything related to Alex. Today, I opened it and looked through it, Marley and Luna joined. They asked, asked about the tiny footprints and other items, I told them it was their big brother’s, and he’s now watching over them. And I found the kind words we received from the hospital staff.

It was very unexpected for us to receive messages of comfort and compassion from the hospital staff. And we were very grateful and certainly helped our spirits.

And as you can imagine, we don’t watch the Hobbit very often….

Gabz @Gabz