A little before the end of 2020 I had changed my domain from to Why? Well, because I could and the new domain was on sale for 3.00 USD πŸ˜…

Now in 2021, I saw myself looking for another one. Under the excuse of “new year, new me and thus new domain”. Witch, it’s ridiculous, that would mean I will be changing my domain every year, that’s nuts! Or is it?

Anyway, what I had realized that, is not that I needed a new domain for 2021, it was that I am not really feeling the new one ( Gabytron it’s more for the twitters and other social corners and my blog should represent the “real me”, Gaby/Gabz.

So, we are back at the old domain,, and I promise I would not be changing it any time soon, or at least for the remainder of the year since this one it’s about to be renewed.

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Gabz @Gabz