my bestses of the 2020

Best console game:

Ghost of Tsushima on the PlayStation 4

In case you didn’t know I had played (and finished) this game, 4 times in a row. 😉

Nintendo Switch:

Streets of Rage 4

I love beat them ups, and I love the Rage series. This game was the perfect matchup between classic beat them up and modern.

Honorable mention: Y’s Origin

Album of the year:


It was late in the year but I have listened to this album on repeat a lot

Movie of the year:

The Outpost (2020)

I feel like I didn’t watch too many new movies this year, for obvious reasons. The Outpost was a movie I was looking forward to seeing. Once I did I was taken into the story and the events. Many emotions arose from watching this movie and I enjoy it quite a lot.

Honorable mention: Mulan (2020)

That is all I can remember liking quite a lot this year.

This year was a thing, definitely a thing. We shall see how 2021 turns out to be.

Gabz @Gabz