i kind of suck

I gave myself until today to stop procrastinating and take care of my wife’s Christmas gifts. I have been putting it in off for a few weeks now and here is why.

There are many things in this life that really suck at, that I don’t have the necessary skills for. For example, auto mechanic, piloting an aircraft or heart surgery. I may suck at being a good friend, being a blogger and or a singer. But the one thing I suck the most — gift wrapping.

I wasted so much paper! There’s tape where there shouldn’t be any. I stressed and sweated more doing this than I did doing my Apple Fitness Plus workout today.

But we did it! If there’s anything I want you guys to take from this story is — you can do it! Believe in yourself like I believed in myself and you’ll achieve greatness!

Kisses and porridges !

Gabz @Gabz