all the twitters

When I first started using Twitter back in two thousand and eight — or was it seven 🤔. Anyway, the app that made me get into Twitter more was Tweetbot. Loved the design, the icon, and the “Twitter experience” of it. Obviously I tried and purchased other apps. The ones that come to mind are Twitterrific, Flurry, Twitelator Pro, Tweetings, and Echofon. Most modern ones like Spring and Aviary, and of course both Twitterrific and Tweetbot are around. They all have their own approach and features and sometimes it’s hard to settle on one. I dislike the official Twitter app so I am always using a third party app.

The thing is, no matter how many apps I try or have installed on my iPhone, I always comeback to using Tweetbot. I don’t know if it’s muscle memory or just works the way I want a Twitter client to work, but I still use it and it’s still my favorite Twitter app.

Gabz @Gabz