I finished Ys Origin on the Nintendo Switch and what a fantastic game. I gave my first impressions a little bit ago when I first started playing. At the time I was aware of the game having three playable characters, but what I didn’t know was how different each of their stories is. I thought it’d be simply different perspectives of the same story but ultimately the same. Boy was I wrong! There is real character development here, each have their own back story, motivations and struggles. Each character’s story feels like a different game entirely. With Toal’s being my favorite one of the three.

I really enjoyed playing Ys, having finished all three arcs, There’s still some replayability, other modes to play and a “ NewGame+” kind of system. You don’t keep upgrades and abilities but they give you extra ep points that you can use early in the game for some useful upgrades.

Thumbs up 👍🏼 for this game.

Gabz @Gabz