There is this email app going around called Hey and apparently all the cool kids like it. I mean, when it was first revealed I liked what I saw too. What I saw. I signed up for the trial, a 14 day one and here’s what happened.

This is how I use email. I scroll, delete, delete, open, read then delete, close the app — done. I feel like I do email like it’s 1998. Unless I am job hunting, I could basically care less about my emails. I don’t use folders. I don’t have special rules. About 95% of my email is non-actionable. Privacy? Well, I had stopped using google for all my personal email. I have been relying on my iCloud email, my .me address and I think I trust Apple a but better too. Anyway, I pretty much don’t depend at all from my email. The only email inbox that really matters, is the one at work and I don’t handle work on my phone.

So why I am still wanting to use Hey. A domain, something like gabz@hey.como looks and sounds cool. I like the icon(s) and the interface. But the idea of buying and interface and icons for 99.00 USDs, again, based on what I saw and not from what I need it’s bonkers. I like shinny things and Hey, to me, it is my kind of shinny 😁

At the end, is probably FOMO. When I had the trial I probably opened the application once. Never got any emails to it. Maybe also something to do that those 14 days were pretty hectic and had no time to play with the app. Not the app’s fault I think. I am sure the people that pay for it and use it, they do find value in it. All that being said, I do wish they had a monthly subscription option, that way I could play with it more and who knows, maybe I’d like it so much and stick with it forever and ever.

Gabz @Gabz