a few seconds of panic

During yesterday’s visit to Luna’s pediatrician, I had a few seconds of panic. As we were walking into the hospital, at the main entrance, there is a “screening” point. They’s ask all the usual. Are you feeling sick today? Are you showing symptoms? Who is the patient? Do you know where you’re heading? All the questions. Besides that, one thing they require is to replace my mask with theirs, as per the hospital’s policy. I have Luna in my arms, and I put her down, right in front of me. While I was putting on the mask and adjusting she walks behind me, as she usually does when she’s shy, I did notice this. Furthermore, with the mask on, I can’t look down just by lowering my sight. I feel like Michale Keaton’s Batman moving my entire upper torso to look around. In my mind, Luna was still in front of me and I did not see her when I looked down. That’s when I started to panic a bit, I looked to my left, then my right and did not see her. It wasn’t until the lady said “Go with daddy” that then I realized she was right by my right leg.

Sidenote: I almost corrected the lady, “it is papa, not daddy

Why not daddy? Well, that’s a post for another day.

Gabz @Gabz