2-year check-in

Today was Luna’s two-year’s check-in with the pediatrician. And of course, as it always goes every time she’s getting a shot or two, I’m the one assigned with the task.

Luna is not a fan of doctor’s visits. The moment we walk into the office she gets nervous and edgy. I guess that’s expected, Marley was the same. However, every once in a while we need to see the doctor on-call when the primary isn’t available and, at least Marley, is pretty chill with the other doctor more so than with her primary. But that’s a whole another blog-post.

Luna’s check-up went as expected, she wasn’t happy, in order to get her weigh, I had to get weighed with her [Luna] and then again by myself. The things I do for my child, weigh myself on front of another lady that is not my wife 😅

The worse part was obviously the shots. She did not like that at all. Two seconds later she’s fine though, as if nothing happened.

Even mad and in tears, she politely said goodbye to the staff.

Gabz @Gabz