and I’m back

When Reeder 5 came out, along with iCloud syncing for feeds, I had decided at the time to “cut” the middle man and canceled my Feedbin subscription. It all went well until I noticed my unread items were way out of control. I do some reading on my iPhone and very little on my iPad (weird ha!). A lot of my reading happens on my computer, well, my work computer. When I am in front of my two bigbutt monitors. And if you have used Feedbin as a service before, you’d know how nice their web interface is — love it!

Today I re-subscribed to Feedbin, this time I did not import any of my RSS subscriptions. It is kind of nice to start from scratch. Also, I am doing a little bit of an experiment.

I am trying to degooglefy, trying to use fewer google services or not at all. The only Google service I can still see myself using is YouTube. However, I am not logged in with my Gmail account when I watch a video. This also means I won’t necessarily know when one of my “favorite” YouTuber(s) will upload a video. What I am doing instead is subscribing to their feed via Feedbin. We will see how that works. Another thing I want to do is get my newsletters on Feedbin instead of my email. I mean, if I am going to pay for this service, might as well take advantage of all its features.

Gabz @Gabz