On journaling

A lot of us in one way or another, have a journal, whether is on a blog form, a journal app, or a physical form of sorts. I see lots of people posting their journaling notebooks or what have you, other folks use dedicated apps and automated ways to journal. All of these options interest me and I love to experiment with them all. However, I have always seen my blog as my digital journal. I write things I don’t mind other people reading. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have dark thoughts in my head, those, I post too – most of the time. No matter how personal, they usually end up on my blog.

I basically blog my mind, openly and no f*cks given – sometimes 😜. I am yet to find a topic or subject which I wouldn’t dare to post to my blog. I guess if I have a very dark thing in my mind, something that may or may not get me in some sort of trouble, I don’t even bother writing it. Most of those I talk to someone about and that’s usually my wife. Don’t have that many people around I can talk to these days.

Gabz @Gabz