Tsushima forever

I have finished Ghost of Tsushima. Not only have I finished it, I platinum it, meaning I have completed everything in the game and there is nothing left to I do. Well, maybe to find a couple of clan banners and “Mongolian records” but that’s not fun 😅

I loved this game so much that just like any other game that I had gotten so into it as with this one, I want to replay them. Replay them over and over until I am sick of it. Like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey, I have probably replayed those games at least 3 times. The only difference is that they either had New Game + and was able to replay with all my goodies or at least I could use armor or weapons I had purchased as extras. Also the DLC’s. Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have NG+, at least not for now. I know many games out there don’t have it right at launch, they get updated later with.

So, I had two options, just keep playing, roaming around looking for trouble or restart the game and lose everything I have.

Last night it occurred to me. Why don’t I create a second PSN profile? And that’s what I did. I have created a new PSN account/user just to play Ghost of Tsushima as a new game without loosing what i have done on my main account!

I am pretty sure people do this all the time but for whatever reason it had never occurred to me to do so before.

For Tsushima!!!

Gabz @Gabz