Healthy goals

I have been indulging way too much these past fours weeks or so. I was doing pretty well as far as staying active, working out, running, eating well and such. Lately though, it’s been pretty bad. It all kind of started with those two to three weeks of field work. By the time I got home I would be exhausted and with no motivation to do any type of physical activities whatsoever and then justifying having a beer or two because “all that hard work”. With that, I was also putting a lot of strain on my legs and back and not taking care of it when I got home. No stretching or conditioning type workouts. Now that I am done with the field stuff and technically back to my old routine, I should be able to pick back up. Nope. All I have been doing it’s being lazy, not paying much attention to what I eat, not drinking as much water as I used to and perhaps indulging too much in other stuff β€” like beer. I have been drinking way too much beer lately, I need to cut down.

I can really feel it on my body, my core doesn’t feel as strong and with that my posture, I am starting to have back problems again, and I am truly starting to feel a little unhealthy. Right now, I don’t dare to go to the scale. Although I really don’t think I have gained much weight, maybe a pound or two but it will be more if I continue down this path.

I need to “write” this out and putting it on my blog so it’s real. To hold myself accountable sort to speak. With that said, most likely starting Tuesday πŸ˜…, I will be making some drastic changes and pick a goal.

Let’s bring sexy1 Gabz back!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜…

  1. by sexy I really mean healthy 😘 ↩︎

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