Always Changing

There's a certain behavior that I knew about myself but never really put too much thought on it. Or at least not enough to make want to write about it, that is.

If you follow me on the Twitters for example, you might notice that i change my avatar/profile picture quite often. And for this, I apologize (not). There are other places in which I might have an “online presence” that it can go unchanged for a while but twitter’s the one that varies the most.

The reason I change a lot, well, there are many reasons but the most important one is to reflect whatever it is I am into at the time. If I’m into a game, I tend to change my avatar to a character or something related to the game. Sometimes it can be an anime character or a character from my childhood like Astroboy for example.

Even my phone’s Lock Screen can be a reflection of whatever it is that I am into. For example, right now I am very into Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman’s audiobook, it’s so good! I might need to write about this as some point. Therefore, my Lock Screen wallpaper right now is an art about the Sandman.

On Twitter, at the moment, I have a pixel art of Zero from Mega Man as my avatar, made by Crisman berunonto.

First, I have always been a huge Mega Man fan and have recently acquired the Mega Man X Legacy Collection for the Nintendo Switch. Which by the by, it is on sale for $9.99 at the eShop so go get on that!

Now, I have a feeling that I’ll change it again. In the past few days I have been playin the heck out of Neon Abyss on the Nintendo Switch.

I haven’t been able to put down this game since I’ve got it. I am having a blast, truly. It is “Free-to-play” on game pass or you can download the demo on the Switch and check it out.

This is something silly about me but I needed an excuse to write about something. 😎🥁

Gabz @Gabz