First day (reprise)

Monday the fokin thirteen! I am back at the “office”, I am no longer working full-time from home (play sad violin 🎻). Not only that but I had to wake-up at 4:00am so I can be at work by 5:00am. It felt weird getting back to the site. It really felt like my first day at the job all over again. I mean, the nature of what I do hasn’t changed and that part was fine but it was like was “learning” the site again. There are so many precautions and rules to follow that it felt weird and awkward, again, new. I didn’t want to leave my desk for anything in the world.

Just like my real first day almost a year ago, everything was out of wack. It wasn’t until an hour of me been there that I remembered my coffee, that I brought from home. It wasn’t until like 3 hours of been there that I remember I needed to eat something. At least this time I wasn’t too afraid of using the restrooms if I really needed to. On my true first day I remember I was so nervous , I never drank any water or used the restrooms πŸ˜… (emoji for full stop)

I’m sure things will feel “normal” again at some point but this version of The return of the Jedi, felt weird and I did not enjoy it.

From my conversation with my manager this morning, this setting we have at the moment, will continue at least until the end of the year, yikes 😬

Also, I am only working 6 hours on-site and the “day” goes extremely fast and little time for all the things I normally work on. Once I am back home I am expected to do 2 hours from home, which is really difficult to do my job using the Laptop’s monitor and keyboard, they suck πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Gabz @Gabz