A day in the life

Today was my, both my last day working from home and a day off. Like I had said before, I had an itch that need it to be scratched. This morning I took the girls to the grandparents, as always and head out to downtown Boise. In my mind I was going to spent like 3 hours snapping pictures. It was actually about 40 mins or so. It was very strange, Downtown Boise looked like a ghost town of sorts. But I had a good walk and manage to capture some pictures. It is always interesting how I snap so many pictures and only 10 of them, I am happy with.

Here are a few,

I think some of them are okay.

Having scratched that itch, then it was time to head back home. Once I got home, some self care. Had coffee and breakfast. After breakfast, it was time for a workout. Kept it simple and yet effective, did 10 double handed swings and 10 push-ups, alternating between them until I had completed a hundred of each. Then some extra one handed swings, just for good cardio.

Next on the list was yard work. Spent a little over and hour working on the yard. Usually just mowing takes me about 30 to 40 minutes max. Also while still keeping an eye on my work email. A few things that were due today and even thought other people could take care of them, I still felt compelled to be around for. Finished with the yard, cleaned the girl’s kiddy pool and made it ready for them for when they got home.

Next, I knew my car needed some care. It’s been a mess on the interior for months now and it was starting to grows me out in a way. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve got two little ones riding with you. Went to the local car wash, mainly for their “free” vacuums rather than the actual “car-wash”. Now I won’t be ashamed if someone asks me for a ride.

I feel accomplished, not too shabby, if I say so meself.

Now it’s time to relax, beer and pizza — and Trolls. That’s the new hotness around here, Trolls World Tour.

Gabz @Gabz