Zac Cichy on widgets

Zac Cichy (@zcichy): Apple evolves things slowly. They don’t just implement new features for the sake of doing so. When they finally happen to get to something that’s been on Android for years, people call it copying.

Curious. What could Apple do that wouldn’t be called copying?

Zac Cichy (@zcichy): When Apple’s competition has tried to squeeze in every feature they possibly could regardless of whether or not it was done well, there is very little Apple can do that someone else hasn’t tried at some point.

Reminder: Actual implementation and execution are everything.

Zac Cichy (@zcichy): Windows Live Tiles are the perfect example. Is Windows Mobile even a thing anymore? Nope. Did it have some good ideas? Yep! Were those ideas executed well?

Clearly not. Microsoft had to kill Windows Mobile (or Windows Phone) in 2015.

Zac Cichy (@zcichy): I remember having conversations with friends in 2014/2015 about how I believed iOS would eventually implement widgets. That widgets (if done right) could remove an abstraction layer between the user and the thing they want access to.

It’s the way iOS was always going to go.

Not wrong.

Gabz @Gabz