Back to an iPad (ish)

Well, after some thinking and self-convincing, I am going back on using an iPad. A while ago I gave my iPad away, I gave my 11" iPad Pro to my wife and she’s been happy with it. Recently I have been wanting to write something but for whatever reason, I don’t want to use my phone. Whenever that happens, I use my 13" late 2017 MacBook Pro. But there’s something about macOS that feels a little foreign to me. I like the MacBook Pro as a device but I am very unfamiliar with macOS, always have been. iOS is more familiar to me.

In this house we have, well, three iPads, the 11" iPad Pro, an iPad Mini, old enough that it doesn’t even run iOS 10 I think and a 10.5" iPad Pro. The 10.5 has served as Marley’s entertainment iPad for a while now, today, I’ve reclaimed it (ish).

I wiped the 10.5" clean, restoring it and downloaded all my apps. These apps being Drafts, iA Writer, obviously and Comixology. I basically intend to use the device for writing and reading and maybe some media like YouTube — maybe even games. I’ve made a folder called “Marley”, here I put all the games she likes to play and such and showed her where this was for her to access. The rest of it it’s been setup for my needs. Part of me wants the 11" but I think that the 10.5 will serve me just find for what I need. This is not me coming back to the iPad for everything I do but for those times I don’t feel like using neither my phone or MacBook.

That being said, this entire post has been composed using my iPhone 11, since Marley is in her room playing with the iPad. 😅

Gabz @Gabz