Pandemic weight

Today I went back at it, I went to my local gym. It’s a small gym so even before this whole pandemic thing hit us, it was never crowded. Today, I decided to check it out and see if that was still the case. There were a few people — elderly people mostly — and mostly by the machines and treadmills which I rarely ever use. I was alone in the big room where I do most my stuff (body weight and kettlebell exercises for example).

Clearly the gym’s management are taking precautions, marks on the floors, machines more spaced out, in fact, the entire layout of the gym has been rearranged. It took me a few minutes to find the rowers. And there’s hand sanitizers and disinfectant materials all over the place. I had always been extremely conscious about cleaning whatever equipment I use before and after using it, this time around, even more so — for obvious reasons.

Anyways, I went around noon, I will try an earlier time tomorrow to see if there’s far less people. Again there wasn’t that many today but the less people the better. Either way, I’ll stay away from the most popular and most used machines and try to make my workouts short but effective. Also I am not planning on going every day of the week, most likely two to three times a week the rest will be dedicated more to running or maybe even hiking.

That being said, it felt good getting back into the “grind” of things. Trying to continue where I had left off. Gotta loose some of that pandemic-weight.

Gabz @Gabz