Some reality check

Way before the pandemic, in a galaxy far far away, I used to go to the gym and or workout at my house rather consistently. And still, during the quarantine and working from home I tried to keep that up. At some point, it fizzled, maybe due to my back injury a while ago, lack of motivation and or imagination or who knows. This week I committed myself to get back into it, I have been running (ish) and picked up the kettlebell again. What I wasn’t prepared for was the reality check. I am so out of shape! I hadn’t realized this until I did my “normal” workout routine but not as intense of course and yet I am as sore as if I had never done this before. I had not felt this weak in a long time. However, I don’t feel discouraged or dispirited about this fact but it’s kind of a shock. Then again, this is just week one, it is only upward from here.

Gabz @Gabz