Day like these...

Sharing and echoing , my wife’s thoughts.

I remember hearing the results of an elections not so long ago, even though the feel like it, sitting at my house crying and wondering what had become of this earth and the many that live in it. I recall thinking to my self “I’m so happy Marley is white, none of her Puertorrican heritage came through. This will help her get throw some dark days on this world and survive the next 4 years.” As I had that thought I cried and didn’t understand how/why I could be so happy for something so insignificant as her skin color. Was I being selfish? Was it my desire that she didn’t confront any type of injustice for being born with a skin color other than white? Why was I being grateful for that? Yes, I was being selfish and hoping my own blood wouldn’t suffer and that broke my heart. All these years have gone by and still our skin colour and nationality define us, way before we figure out who we truly are.

With the recent events going on, my heart is broken in so many ways. Why? Is the only question that comes to mind. Why is it ok to abuse power to instill fear in other humans? Why are black people feared? Why does skin color matter? Why am I questioning these things in 2020? Why do people agree that it’s not ok to protest against a violation of a human right? Why do people still believe being WHITE means power? Why can’t they see we are all humans?? WHY!?!?!

In days like these I fear for the future my daughters might grow up in. I hope/wish it’s a better one than the years I’ve lived. That they will pave the way to a better, brighter, equal future. I still fear what they might encounter. all I hope is that I arm them with enough knowledge to understanding to see who they are and what other are. HUMANS!

Gabz @Gabz