Beer Tracking

As most of you may know — and if you didn't know, you will now — I am a pretty big craft beer enthusiast. Although I am into IPAs and Stouts mostly, I still like to try different styles from deferent breweries. Every time I travel I make it a point to visit — if possible — as many of the local breweries as I can or at least buy local beer if I happen to stop at a local restaurant or market.

I have used different methods in the past to keep a record of what I have tried and any notes about them. The first app I ever used was Untappd, the problem I have with this particular app is that with time it kinda became the Facebook of beer tracking and there a lot of features and things I neither care nor need. Then I had discovered, probably the best beer tracking app ever made, TapCellar and god knows how much I miss it! Sadly this app was retired. Later, Mr. Drafts himself, Tim Nahumck created a Drafts action to try to mimic what TapCellar would do and it was perfect! The only problem was (or is) that I never see Draft as the final place for notes thus I always had a problem deciding where to send them after. I did try DevonThink, tried Bear Notes, Apple Notes, and even Ulysses. But for whatever reason, they never stick with me.

Another app that was made and that it was also a beautiful simple app was BeerTap. It had more scoring components than TapCellar but it was simple and beautiful. This app is dead (in my best Olaf's voice). Sad.

So, what have I been doing? I have been logging them into my second brain -- my blog. It's great, it works, I have this fancy Shortcut that was made by @sku_b in the Micro.blogs that lets me document and format it in a manner where I can then just sent it to my blog via Drafts. The problem comes when, maybe I forget to tag the post so it goes to my beer category or if I need to search. It is not as easy as if I had a dedicated app for beer tracking.

The ideal would be to have a place to store all this information that it's not just my blog. Someone needs to get into making one of these apps again and take my rupees !!!

In the meantime, well, let us see what I can come up with.


I did not fix my Joy-Con drift issue, I am sad.

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