My second brain.

I cannot remember exactly where I read this, it must have been recently but it was a blog post about blogging. How your blogs can be considered our second brain. And I had been thinking about this for the past few days. Some use Wikis for this I think, although for whatever reason, I have had a hard time wrapping my head around what or how a wiki should be or work. But that’s not here nor there.

Many of the things I post about in my blog-space, besides mumblings like this, are things I like, a small story or whatever is on my mind really. But there’s also a lot of posts about music (a song or album) I liked, movies I am watching, something I’m reading, a beer I tried or something I’m playing. I add categories to these, sometimes small posts, in case they need to be searchable later. Everything and anything of importance (to me) goes here, in my blog. For me to reference later and for others to maybe enjoy something new?

And it had happened where I am talking with someone about, I think it was about a specific beer and yes I could probably have used Untappd to search it but I tend to document my beers here more than on the app. Anyway I quickly searched in my blog and there it was and all the information relevant to me about that beer.


Still playing Streets of Rage 4 on the Nintendo Switch, I have probably beaten the game with at least every main character now. Good stuff!

Gabz @Gabz