A Hard Time.

It’s been about a month now, give or take, since the working from home/staying at home thing. Not a whole lot has changed in some aspects, like the girls are still going to the Grandparents house, that’s pretty much all my commute these days for me. Workload and all that jazz it’s pretty much the same except for some of the manual stuff, since I am not on site. I have more time for myself, I can play video games in my downtime or watch a movie if I wanted to, work out, etc. And for the most part I have been able to handle it pretty well, but then I have days like today, or rather, today is the first time I have realized this. I am bored to my mind, I am starting to feel kind of depressed, in a way. I am finding hard to motivate myself to keep motivated to stay active and work out. Today for example I was going to do my Yoga thing that I had got into this week and couldn’t do it. Also I am having a hard time concentrating “at work”, I know I have stuff to do and take care of but I am in this meh! state of mind I don’t like it. I barely know what day is what or anything that used to be routine and clear.

I am really having a hard time today.

Gabz @Gabz