A Yoga sesh.

I have never done Yoga before, or at least not on purpose. I have done some type of exercise before that may have been yoga-inspired, but that’s about it. Whit the pandemic situation, my workout routine and such have been obviously affected and much-needed restructuring. Thus, I thought starting doing yoga could be beneficial for both my body and mental stability. I got this little app that was recommended to me, Pocket Yoga for TV. There are others out there but this one does not require a subscription or anything so I thought I would give it a shot. Today I did my first 30 minutes session and it was okay. I mean, I definitely felt good about it and felt like I did a good session. I just had a little trouble with following a little, since I don’t know the oses or the correct names of them yet so I found myself having to look at the tv more than just listening and doing things. Also, I am not as flexible as I used to be, like at all. Probably because in the past year I have been focusing more on lifting than being functional.

Either way, I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to getting better at it.

Gabz @Gabz