Something I liked this week Volume 24.

Astral Chain for the Nintendo Switch.

I got this game back in…Was it last summer? Maybe, whenever it came out and I played a little bit of it then I had stopped. I can’t remember the exact reason, maybe another game had also been released then and shifted my attention away from it.

The gist of this game is basically this futuristic mega city in which you and your sister (the two playable characters) are members of this special Police task force. Members of this task force are equipped with sentient armaments called Legions. With the Legions you are able you see and fight these otherworldly beings called chimeras.

So, a few days ago I picked it up again. Started right from the beginning just to refresh my memory. The game starts off with some action fallowed with some slow buildup. But now that I have pretty much done with all the semi-tutorial stuff, I am so sucked into this game. And the worse thing is that so far I haven’t had a “break” as in it is one thing after the other and you can’t stop playing because you’ve got to know what’s going to happen next! This last mission I played, I was thought for sure I was done and was gonna go back to HQ and “take a break”. NOPE!

I do like this though, games that keep me engaged and wanting to know what’s next. No chores! This game has a lot of cool fights and amazing cool looking finishing combos. Some amazing visuals and I love the art, it is very Anime-like. There’s also some puzzle elements to it but not Zelda like. As well of some investigative work, crime scenes and probably my least favorite part just because I much prefer the punchy-punchy, smashy-smashy - 😅.

The detective part reminds me a lot of the Arkham Asylum games, it’s pretty much the same deal. So if you’ve played those games then you’ll be pretty familiar with investigating crime scenes. With the difference that instead of looking fur a killer, most likely will be some nasty monster from another dimension.

Update: no wonder why i am loving this game, these are the same people who made Nier: Automata

Gabz @Gabz