Making Pandemic Decisions.

I am the worse, when it comes going to the grocery store. You send me out for milk and bread and I will come back with bread, donuts and beer. These days, has gotten even worse. Now the list goes kinda like, get al these things and see if you can find these others.

Today for example, all I needed was a milk and since I’m out, some beer too. Anyway, I have my job/mission, as I’m on my way where the milk is I encounter some fizzy water. For whatever reason (well, we all know the reason) we have been in short supplying of fizzy water. Today there was some, and even that we don’t really need it, at the moment, I grabbed a couple! Kind of thinking “I don’t know when I’ll find these again!”

I grabbed some fizzy water and then the milk. As I was on my way to the beer area, I saw some of those mini-muffins the girls like. The last few times I went looking for them, they were out of them, not a single one. Today, they had some, so I grabbed a few. Again, because “I don’t know when I’ll find them again”.

All these decision making is based on the whole pandemic situation. I have been to the store a couple of times in the past four weeks and it’s always a gamble on what you will or will not find. Obviously, tp is one of those I haven’t seen/found in weeks! Some other times is eggs, or bread. Luckily, there will always be beer!

Gabz @Gabz