I have been playing with my Blot site again. Over the weekend i ask Dave to run my export file, which he did, and then i saved into my Blot’s Dropbox folder. Now, my blot site it’s caught-up with every post i have published so far. I always liked the simplicity of Blot’s system, just a bunch of text files in my Dropbox. At the same time though, my blogging workflow it’s so, i guess i could say optimized, to work with the ecosystem. And starting to move again to blot might disrupt my blogging workflow a little bit.

That being said, even if i end up moving my blot to Blot, i would still keep my account and keep participating in the community. But then it feels like i will be having two different types of blogs, everything will be fragmented instead of one streamlined thing like it is right now. Short posts and full posts in one place.

I don’t want to create too much friction, it gets in the way of the “creating” process.

Gabz @Gabz