Life From My Secret Bunker, Day One.

The first day in “quarantine” working from home, not too bad. As far as my job duties are concerned, nothing is different, workflow stays pretty much the same. I get my data and I deal with it, all my coworkers are online, we communicate and what not. One thing that is definitely different is the flexibility and liberties that I have by being at home. For example, this morning I logged in, as I do, checked my emails and a brief chat with my peers over Skype for business chat thing and then I did a home workout! I mean, I could do a 30 min workout in between downtime at work but i don’t think that’s alright. So that was nice, I got that out of the way and I don’t have to leave later to do that.

Since the current situation, I am presuming most things will be slowed down considerably so today was a slow day, as it was yesterday, well, yesterday was weird. Anyhow, in the slow periods I decided to catch-up with some gaming, Zelda Breath of The Wild, to be more specific. This is a game that I have been trying to play since I got it but wither didn’t have the time orde desire to. Well, today I had made far more progress than I ever made before, I actually left The Great Plateou, /me: laughs.

The one thing that kind of frustrates me about the game so far is, how slow it is to get good equipment and gear on this game. I am used to getting good useful stuff quickly, here I find myself struggling a bit. The few times I had to consult the Oracle A.K.A. Google for whatever reason I got upset when I see these people making videos with all these weapons and costumes and I’m like “I want that, like now”.

I am the worse, I got no patience.

That being said, I am having fun, so far, so I think I’ll be sticking with it. Plus I’ve nothing but time.

Gabz @Gabz