Blasphemous And Pixel Love.

This game, Blasphemous, it had been in my Nintendo Wishlist since it came out and the other night, I finally bought it.

Blasphemous is a punishing action-platformer that combines the fast-paced, skilled combat of a hack-n-slash game with a deep and evocative narrative core.

I have been hesitant about buying this game, even after playing the demo, which it’s still available. The reason is because like many other games of this style, they tend to be somewhat difficult and a little frustrating.

But I can’t help myself, I love this genre of games, I love the pixel art and its style. Same thing happened when Shovel Knight first came out for the Nintendo 3DS. I fell in love with the pixel art and did play a big deal of it but never finished it. Same with The Messenger, although this one I stopped playing for other reasons, not because it was too difficult. And also with one of my most recent ones Katana ZERO, god knows I love this game but grrrr.

These games are my guilty pleasures. Mainly because, like I’ve said before, the pixelated art. I ❤️ pixels! But they aren’t the easiest games to play a lot of times and yet, I buy them, play them, love them and hate them!

Back to Blasphemous. I have played a few hours of it and so far I am enjoying it. And so far it doesn’t seem too difficult in the sense of the fighting style or the enemies but the gameplay itself. If you die, you re-spawn in one of these altar looking structures and just like Shovel Knight, you’ll have to track back we’re you died to get all your stuff back. These altar looking things are very self apart from each other so that can get annoying.

This game is as if Dante’s Inferno, Shovel Knight and Castlevania had a baby.

The pixel art is beautiful and so the background scenery. The story is creepy and very interesting and you encounter very weird and interesting characters along the way. But, I am afraid that I might not finish this game either, that I will get frustrated and rage quitting it but we will see.

Gabz @Gabz