Why I blog.

Today, thanks to the magic of “On this day”, I was reminded about this post from two years ago. I think this was around the time I started to write (or blog rather) more often and consistently.

After reading it, I came up with this silly idea of “revisit” these thoughts and do some kind of a commentary of sorts and see how they’ve changed, if at all, in the course of two years sir of thing.


I was thinking about why I, all of the sudden, started writing again and having the need to share it. Is it because I’m bored and have too much in my mind? Or simply lost the fear of sharing whatever I write?

Well at the time I was bored but I do always have stuff in my mind too. However, I think mainly was the third one. I had lost my fear. I share anything and everything that comes to mind and that makes me happy.

Also thinking about the things I have been writing about. I am not a tech journalist or critic — nor a professional blogger. I just have stuff in my head and feel like putting them down in words.

I guess this is when I realized that you don’t have to be a pro to blog.

I feel like most of what I write and the way I write about, it’s more like a conversation I would have with a coworker or a friend.

Still on point! When I write I always take the “conversation” kind of idea. That’s the kind of thing I like from personal blogs. It feel more intimate and personal, I like it and that’s what I try to do as well.

Plus it’s my own blog so I can’t talk/write about anything and everything I want, right?

Should have said can not can’t. 😅

Gabz @Gabz