Panic pod and Twitter.

I do not remember how I came across it, I’m sure it was in my timeline. But I have very much been enjoying the Panic Podcast, it is somewhat random, at least to me but very fun and interesting. Especially today’s episode, it was a good reminder of the good-old-times of Twitter. It made me think when I first joined back in 2008, which according to this episode, I had joined twitter before Panic did! Although if you look at my account today, it will tell you I’ve joined in May of 2019. This is my second twitter account, I had nuked my first one, which I regret now a little bit but what’s done it’s done.

It was definitely a different time back then, much more enjoyable and fun. It can still be okay these days if you follow the right people and have the right filters and muted words and whatnot but back then none of that was necessary I guess.

Anyway, good pod, good episode and now I want some Carl’s Jr. 🍔 🍟

Gabz @Gabz