All the Toots! πŸ˜πŸ’¨

I am tooting again!

This week I kind of felt the need to revamp my presence in the Mastodon’s Universe again. I had a previous account and I stopped using a long time ago, my was still sending stuff there but totally forgot about it. This week I created a new account, which it’s now associated with, obviously. This time around, I am trying to just not send stuff from Mb automatically but also try to use it and engage more in it. It is very different from both Mb and Twitter in some way but I understand it better this time around. Either way, let see how it goes. If you are into the Mastodons and would like to find me here. I need friends.

All my toots are now coming from

This has the weirdest thing I have said in my head all day, so far, the day is still young.

Gabz @Gabz